Skylight for DevOps

Exceeding service innovation and service velocity goals with cloud-native performance monitoring

Accedian moves at the speed of cloud native

Accedian provides always-on, cloud-native performance and end user experience monitoring for software-driven enterprises and service providers that delivers end-to-end network, application and service performance visibility—from the core to the cloud to the real user edge.

The cloud-native methodology is foundational to the Accedian Skylight platform:

  • Skylight Open APIs, built on the Open API standard, facilitate the deployment velocity, control and self-service benefits of on-demand infrastructure 
  • Skylight Open APIs allow for seamless integration and automation
  • Enables a DevOps model for enterprises, service providers, and third parties
Observability, monitoring and analytics in one platform

Visibility is a combination of observability (data acquisition), monitoring (visualization and workflows), and analytics. Accedian combines the observability from Skylight sensors deployed throughout the network with the monitoring and analytics provided by Skylight performance analytics to achieve complete visibility.

Accedian provides a unique view of the relationship between applications and the network. We also take to the cloud the most detailed, fine-grained performance metrics available on the market with over 30 KPIs and millisecond precision independent of technology stacks.

With a cloud-native approach, Accedian meets the dynamic nature of new services

In a cloud-based world, IT infrastructure resource identities are dynamic, but still critical to track accurately.

Accedian uses “per-packet intel”™, also commonly referred to as data context or metadata, to determine the performance of the application delivery across distributed IT and cloud environments.

Per-packet intel is real time analysis of network traffic that does not require the full weight of the traffic payload for complete user experience insight.

This enables:

  • Lightweight observability of the service identity, application delivery and network performance when combined within the Skylight performance analytics engine
  • Reduced networking costs and complexity, minimized storage and compute requirements and cost
  • Comprehensive visibility at scale across hybrid and multi-cloud, multi-operator environments

Application delivery is the true determinant of real end user experience, and Accedian’s Skylight agentless sensors use per-packet intel, such as HTTP, DNS and SQL, to enable real user monitoring (RUM) at a fraction of the data storage requirements for agent-based solutions.

Complete visibility at both the network and application layer

Skylight generates the most high quality performance data using a flexible range of Skylight sensors and makes that data easily available via Skylight Open APIs. 

These extensive active and passive monitoring KPIs, from across the application and networking layers, are critical for determining true end user experience and root cause of performance impairments. 

Skylight provides:

  • Ability to work with both external and internal synchronization methods
  • Many standardized active protocols supported, such as TWAMP (e.g ICMP Echo) and various service activation testing standards
  • Breadth of metrics in every test session (80+ metrics/KPIs) all have a reason for their existence
  • Ability to remove noise at the point of measurement (not a post-process operation)
  • Independent uplink and downlink measurements
  • Multi-tier performance degradation root cause triage

Easy to operationalize with APIs

Whether you are deploying cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid cloud as your transformation strategy, Accedian’s cloud-native approach to performance and end user experience monitoring readily integrates into your continuous delivery initiatives, now and into the future.

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