How to Become a Cloud Performance Superhero!

If you were a superhero, you could use your X-ray vision to see through the cloud and view the source of any performance problem. You could observe every user’s experience and all of the applications, transactions, servers, virtual machines (VMs), containers and their network interactions.  You’d be able to immediately locate the problem root cause and, with your magical triage powers, identify a way to rapidly resolve performance issues.

But, you don’t need X-ray vision or magical triage powers. You just need a little Skylight. Accedian Skylight NAPM can turn you into an instant IT superhero.  It shows you every user’s experience (North-South) for all of your applications.  It also lets you see all of the interactions over the network and between servers, VMs, and containers (East-West) – all the way to the extreme network edge.

How does Skylight do it? By being a software-based virtual appliance that resides within the cloud infrastructure itself – right beside the applications and networks it’s monitoring. It runs as a VM application that captures all the packet traffic across your application environment(s). It only takes seconds to start and is elastic, just like cloud infrastructure. That means you turn on new Skylight monitoring instances when you need them and retire them when you don’t.

Skylight shows you all of the performance statistics for your applications and network flows on easy to understand dashboards. It starts with a top level view for all users and application resources with multiple levels of drill down to identify the user experience, transaction, and network performance degradation source.

And, Skylight doesn’t just monitor the cloud.  It’s equally effective for on-premise datacenters and at the network edge. Accedian offers a range of options as part of the Skylight portfolio that monitors performance wherever it’s occurring.

Because Skylight is software-only, no hardware devices, such as network TAPs, SPANs or vTAPs, are required. It uses the same VMs your applications use without interfering with their performance. But, the best part is how efficient Skylight is. Instead of transferring unfiltered packet data to a capture appliance – such as 10 Gbps for a 10 Gbps link – it dramatically reduces it into high density metadata, which results in only a 2-5 Mbps data transfer. That’s a 2000-5000% reduction.

Skylight’s sensor metadata is 0.2 – 0.5% of the production traffic

Since you pay for the data sent over the network in the cloud, whether it’s application data or captured packets, the cost savings of sending tiny metadata streams versus full packet information is huge. Overall it reduces the cost of performance monitoring by 500-1000% versus the cost of other NPM solutions.

Skylight can turn you into a true IT superhero when you can show your team that it reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) and total operating cost for everything cloud related. It covers you before a migration – when you baseline your current application performance, during the migration, and after – when you can see how the cloud-based applications perform compared to the baseline. It shows it all to you, in a way you can readily understand.

Begin your IT superhero career (cape optional) today with Accedian Skylight and see the power that unlimited performance visibility can provide.

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