Black Friday season is upon us. Is your ecommerce security and performance monitoring ready?

Skylight supports ecommerce security and performance monitoring capabilities that deliver complete visibility

Fall is upon us. Ahhh, the shorter days, falling leaves (most of them in my backyard), cooler temps, and the beginning of Black Friday mania. Or, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, longer days, budding leaves, warmer temps, and the beginning of Black Friday mania.

The common theme is that it’s on. Black Friday season is here. Or, it may have already been here last month, but now the intensity ramps up. This is the time where e-tailers make their biggest profits and see the highest sales volumes of the year. Expectations for success are high. Hopes are also high that disruptions will not occur.

But lurking behind the scenes are potential unknown performance problems that can disrupt and even prevent e-commerce transactions from being completed. Worse yet, cyber criminals also become more active during the Black Friday season, attempting to take advantage of the high activity level to exploit vulnerabilities and steal identities, credit card numbers, and anything else of value.

Cyber criminals hope that with all the Black Friday mayhem, their activities will hardly be noticed or may just be written off as acceptable losses in the face of much higher profits. According to, “Payment data is at risk everywhere and criminals will continue to follow the money. “

Customers, however, don’t see it like that. They view cybercrime as something that impacts them severely and in some cases, can be life altering. They don’t just want – they expect e-tailers to provide unbreachable ecommerce security while still ensuring outstanding performance.

What can ecommerce vendors do? After all, you’ve moved your apps to the cloud to increase infrastructure elasticity during peak demand. You’ve also taken advantage of endpoint and firewall technology wherever possible.

What you lack is complete 100% visibility for transaction performance and security – especially in the cloud. The single source of truth for everything taking place for a transaction is the network. Performance across the many tiers of ecommerce applications is defined by communication from the user endpoint, across all the service tiers used in the transaction, including the transaction databases, and back. If you can’t see a complete picture about all the transaction “hops” for every transaction, you won’t be able to diagnose where a performance problem or security issue is occurring.

You also require performance and security analytics, to ensure that issues that arise are indeed issues and well vetted. Analytics using machine learning, which evaluate patterns, historical data and other factors reduce the amount of ‘false positives’ that you need to chase after.

Accedian Skylight provides 100% visibility for all transactions across all ecommerce tiers, no matter where they’re located. It’s dual purpose sensors examines all network traffic, turns it into incredibly efficient metadata, and combines it in real-time with stored historical data to fuel machine learning-based analytics that keep your ITOps and SecOps continually informed about the state of your ecommerce ecosystem.

If you don’t believe that you’re seeing enough information about your e-commerce applications and environment to feel confident that your performance won’t falter and your ecommerce security won’t be breached – let us show you how Skylight can provide you with complete visibility for ecommerce application performance and security.

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