The World has Changed and so has Accedian: New Brand Identity for a New World of Challenges

As you may have noticed, Accedian has been through something of a transformation recently. Having executed an intentional and intensive strategy of solution development, we have naturally evolved to add even greater value to our customers, helping our customers solve new problems and chase new business opportunities as the world hurtles towards digital transformation and cloud migration.

We’ve worked hard to forensically understand the problems this new digital world order has created for service providers and enterprise customers, and we’re excited to talk about the use cases we’ve developed to solve them and the new brand positioning to support that goal.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to consolidate the values that have always driven us here at Accedian: courage, a pioneering spirit, excellence and trust. Not surprisingly, they are values we often share with our customers. Increasingly, CIOs are pushing boundaries to develop solutions that solve their customers’ problems. They are investing in innovation and developing pioneering approaches to exceed customer expectations. Naturally, customers and partners also share our obsession with delivering excellence, and together we’re developing relationships based on the principles of trust, integrity and honesty.

We’ve recognized that our customers face a future in which they are expected to use data in new ways; not simply to ensure their technologies perform, but also to ensure that flawless user experience becomes the norm.

For Accedian, our rebrand reflects our ascension further up the value curve and fulfilling our broader strategic plan, ready to help our customers with their challenges today and their even more substantial opportunities tomorrow. As our customers aspirations come to fruition, so do ours – and this rebrand is the vehicle for expressing that.

However, it’s not as simple as a mere change in mindset. A recent survey commissioned by Accedian and conducted by Vanson Bourne revealed the full extent of the uphill battle faced by the CIOs who are charged with delivering these aspirations. A staggering 95% of those surveyed across the US, UK, and France felt responsible for customer service excellence, but 35% feel they do not have access to the right tools to deliver the digital transformation and cloud migration targeted by their organizations. Across the industry, the story is the same – CIOs are struggling to keep up with the pace of digital transformation and delivering against new customer experience KPIs.

The role of the CIO has changed significantly from being the guardian of IT assets to being responsible for keeping customers happy.

To answer this shift in focus, CIOs and IT teams need the ability to see far and wide across their entire IT and network infrastructure and deep into their users’ experiences. They need to delight their users each and every time. They need to gain control of their digital infrastructure, while unlocking the value of their data, whether it lives in their own environment or in the cloud. And they’re expected to do it with fewer resources than ever before.

It’s for that reason that Accedian’s platform developments and new brand positioning could not come at a more perfect time. Dion Joannou, our CEO, explains, “Following strategic development over the past two years, Accedian has evolved and positioned itself to help solve the new problems generated by the digital transformation era. Our full-stack solution to these problems delivers unbeatable lines of sight to CIOs and IT teams whether the data exists on premise or in their private or third-party cloud environments. We are enabling CIOs to regain control and simplify their entire digital landscape, to take performance and customer experience to new heights.”

While cloud migration is seen as the de facto solution for operators and enterprises to deliver this nirvana, control, performance, and experience are still paramount to continued growth and success, as Dion summarizes, “Cloud migration of previously on premises technologies has changed the picture for many organizations, leaving CIOs feeling that control has been relinquished and complexity has been increased. Yet, the need to delight and retain customers by exceeding their expectations remains the constant competitive battle, all while keeping performance, security and cost in tight focus.”

It’s the response to the changing needs of CIOs and IT teams in the digital economy that makes Accedian’s re-imagined platform and positioning so relevant, providing both the micro- detail and macro- intelligence CIOs need to win in the customer-centric environment in which they now find themselves.

And our own growth is testament to the need for such solutions. The numbers speak for themselves: we have recently reached 2 billion users, measuring 130 billion daily performance KPIs. We count 18 out of the world’s top 20 operators as customers. In terms of transformational outcomes, we’ve achieved 10x reduced resolution time and driven down total cost of ownership by 7x on hybrid cloud deployments.

In short, Accedian has truly come of age to enable service providers and enterprises to turn their digital transformation challenges into opportunities and goals into reality.