Transformation is a continuous process where stakes are high but opportunities abound

Digital transformation is enterprise transformation. And it is happening now. According to IDC, digital transformation spend is expected to reach $5.9 trillion from 2018 to 2021. Sure, it means SaaS and data optimization and AI and machine learning and, of course, cloud migration. But, is not merely migrating applications to the cloud. It means adapting to virtual, dynamic, cloud environments quickly and flawlessly to stay ahead of the curve. And, that is the real paradigm shift.

IDC says 85% of enterprise decision-makers believe they have two years to make significant inroads into digital transformation or they will fall behind their competitors and suffer financially. So, whether eagerly or reluctantly, enterprises are embarking on the path to the cloud like to the land of milk and honey because they know they can expect to reap the promise of agility, control, flexibility, and improved network performance, along with cost savings and strong returns on their investments!

But, the inherent loss of control and visibility during this transformation can be crippling and even frightening. In a recent Vanson Bourne survey, 61% of respondents felt that their team is completely responsible for the delivery of excellent customer service. They shoulder a heavy burden. And, 46% of respondents believe that transforming and migrating their IT environment to support business-critical applications in the cloud to deliver industry-leading performance and customer experience, is a key priority for their organization. No doubt!

The world has changed.

Users now expect their digital services to add value to their lives and the infrastructure that powers them to perform faultlessly. End users and customers expect the organizations they do business with to be in control of their data, their experience and their safety. When problems arise, users expect you to know more about their issues than they do. They demand an exceptional experience every time.

That means IT operations need depth and breadth of intelligence. They need a telescopic lens to see across the entire network and IT infrastructure as varied and distributed as it may be, and a microscopic ability to dive deep and forensically understand the experience. The need for greater visibility is impacting the way enterprises are conducting business more than ever before.

We know digital transformation and migration to the cloud is complex. The challenges for IT operations are the vast number of services and quality or performance KPI requirements, as well as the on-demand trend with the need to automate processes in virtualized networks! In the same survey, less than two-thirds of respondents felt they have access to the tools that will allow them to deliver agile, high performing and personalized digital customer experiences via the cloud.

But, where there is data, there is hope: in this era of inescapable digital transformation, Accedian delivers solutions that empower enterprises to validate, maintain and optimize network and application performance. Our mission is to provide our customers with unbeatable lines of sight and the power to see far and wide across their entire IT and network infrastructure, deep into their users’ experiences. So, we embarked on our own brand transformation as a reflection of the digital transformation. It is what we want to express in our new brand and our new mission, but through our enduring, unwavering value to our customers. This never changes.

Gain visibility. Radically improve user experience. Ensure success.

Welcome to Accedian 2.0.