How it Works

Skylight Architecture

Skylight Integrates With Any Network or IT Infrastructure

Skylight is an all-in-one network and application performance management (NAPM)solution that features 2 major components:

  1. Lightweight Skylight capture appliances that collect and analyze network and application traffic, then forward the resulting performance metrics and application transaction records to a datastore appliance. Traffic capture appliances can be deployed in virtual or physical environments. They access data through virtual or physical span ports, packet brokers or taps, or the Skylight flow broker remote capture solution.
  2. Fully autonomous, Skylight datastore appliances centralize network and application performance measurement, data visualization, alerting, and reporting from all remote capture appliances deployed across the IT infrastructure. The datastore also includes integrated capture capabilities.

Skylight Traffic Capture Appliances and Datastores Cover All Network Scenarios

Multiple Skylight traffic capture appliances can be deployed across the network to collect data and aggregate them into a central datastore appliance. IT professionals can view all network and application traffic—or drill down to a sub-network, site, or user group level—through a single, centralized graphical user interface while leveraging centralized capture management from a single screen.

Multiple Skylight appliances, in physical and virtual form factors, can be blended together to match your unique IT infrastructure requirements.

As an example, a Skylight datastore can be used in conjunction with one or more lightweight Skylight capture appliances that can collect traffic in virtual and physical environments concurrently. Where a computer for a capture appliance is not available or desired–at remote branch locations, for example–the Skylight flow broker virtualized packet broker delivers streaming remote capture with a zero-touch, pluggable module. However you choose to mix and match hardware-based and virtualized capture appliances in a given Skylight deployment, the same powerful set of real-time traffic capture and real-time analysis features is provided across all Skylight solutions.