How it Works

Unlimited Scalability for the Most Demanding Digital Infrastructure

Real-Time Performance Analysis With Fortune 50 Scalability

Skylight delivers industry-leading, real-time network and application performance analysis with near limitless scalability. Skylight traffic capture and datastore appliances integrate with any type of IT environment, from remote to central locations, across hardware, virtual, cloud, or software-defined infrastructure. See the Skylight solution overview for a full list of appliance specifications.

Scalability In Performance Management

Skylight outperforms the network and application performance management (NAPM) competition with real-time, 360° coverage of all network and application transactions across layers 2 through 7, at more than 10 Gbps on a single appliance. Skylight delivers significantly higher performance rates than competing solutions in production traffic conditions, with all protocol decodes activated.

Skylight computes performance metrics for all network flows and application transactions in a single pass—all in real time.

Competing solutions typically limit available visibility to “Top N” applications, or require two steps: packet collection followed by time-consuming post-mortem analysis. This approach impedes the ability to quickly analyze performance issues and increases the time required to bring issues to resolution. It also limits the extent to which IT can diagnose degradations, as many queries take too long–or insufficient data is available–to return insight.

With Skylight providing performance metrics on the fly across all layers, and over the entire application stack, IT professionals can troubleshoot and resolve performance issues with ease.

Monitoring and Measuring Network and Application Performance in Distributed IT Environments

For complex IT environments such as distributed data centers and multiple branch locations, it is possible to deploy multiple Skylight  appliances—hardware or virtualized—across the IT infrastructure; collect network and application performance data to generate real-time wire data analytics in each appliance; and then aggregate those into a central datastore appliance.

IT professionals can visualize all network traffic and application transaction performance metrics through a single unified graphical interface via the datastore, which also provides centralized management for each traffic capture appliance that is deployed.

To enable essentially limitless scalability for the most demanding enterprise environments, it is possible to deploy multiple Skylightdatastore appliances.