How it Works

NAPM for Virtualized and Cloud Environments

Skylight Provides Full 360° Visibility

In today’s application chains, most transactions occur over virtual, software-defined, or cloud-based infrastructure; many exchanges never cross a traditional, physical network. In addition to these locations being “invisible” to traditional monitoring tools, data centers rely upon the dynamic creation, allocation, and location of containers and virtual machines to serve critical application components. This further complicates the task of gaining visibility into the data exchanged between each component, and insight into their respective performance levels that contribute to the overall end-user experience.

Skylight is a 100% software-based solution for capturing, filtering, and analyzing network flows and application transactions. It can be natively deployed into virtualized and cloud environments, providing complete visibility into dynamic application chains, while consuming minimal resources.

With support for VMware NSX and vMotion, deployment, integration, and orchestration are a snap.

Skylight leverages the native capabilities of the virtualization platform to capture traffic between virtual machines. There are a number of different ways to deploy Skylight in such situations. Some examples include:

  • Deploying a lightweight virtual traffic capture appliance inside each host in order to receive and analyze a copy of the traffic provided by the virtual switches (vSwitch, VSS / VDS)
  • Capturing network traffic via the SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN mirroring capabilities of the virtual environment
  • Using virtual taps to capture a copy of the data flowing between different virtual machines

Skylight functions in all types of IT environments and provides full 360° visibility of both physical and virtual traffic. This includes east-west server-to-server traffic within the data center, and north-south client-to-server traffic between the data center and end users or clients. Both of these scenarios can be monitored and viewed from a single Skylight instance that can be deployed in just a few minutes.

Production Safe for All IT Environments

With Skylight’s network health and performance metrics, IT professionals can take control of virtualized, software-defined, and cloud-based environments.

Skylight has no impact on data center operations or performance. There is no software to install on clients or on servers. As a result, Skylight introduces no new risk into production environments and does not impact existing infrastructure.