Solution Components

Skylight Datastore

Autonomous Appliances for Traffic Capture, Aggregation, and Analysis

The Skylight datastore is a central appliance that aggregates network and application performance measurement from all remote capture devices.

Fully autonomous, Skylight datastore appliances offer the full range of product features, from packet capture to performance measurement, data visualization, alerting, and reporting.

Skylight’s intuitive graphical user interface provides a unified, 360° view of everything that is happening in the network, along with centralized configuration of traffic capture appliances for straightforward management.

A Range of Deployment Alternatives

Skylight datastore appliances can scale to over 2 million analyzed flows per minute. Accounting for network traffic volumes, Accedian can provide sizing recommendations for physical or virtual appliances.

Hardware Datastore Appliances

Skylight hardware datastore appliances offer tremendous scalability while supporting a wide variety of configurations. Datastore appliances offer a range of common network interfaces, from GbE to 40Gbps, and scalable compute and memory to match.

Virtual Datastore Appliances

Skylight’s powerful network and application performance management (NAPM) features are available with all datastore appliances, whether hardware-based or virtualized. Skylight virtual datastore appliances are available as fully packaged images for easy deployment in virtual, cloud, or hybrid environments.