Why Skylight?

Universal Data Center Coverage

With its support for universal data center coverage, Skylight delivers leading speed to insight with unified network and application performance management (NAPM) and monitoring that efficiently covers the entire application chain over virtualized, hybrid, SaaS, PaaSIaaS, and private infrastructure.

Proving that there is an exception to every rule, Skylight’s universal data center coverage delivers complete network performance monitoring, full cloud application performance monitoring, and extensive SaaS application performance monitoring. Skylight fully addresses the challenge of managing cloud and hybrid IT environment performance head-on, with support for public, private, and hybrid clouds; support for public and private SaaS applications; and support for software-defined networks (SDN). All of this is available from a single, integrated user interface.

Accedian has developed a range of Skylight solution components designed to monitor performance wherever it needs to be captured and analyzed. These include:

  • physical capture appliances capable of analyzing links from 1 Gbps up to 40 Gbps in speed, and that offer a wide range of network interface options
  • virtual capture appliances that can intercept and analyze east-west traffic inside virtualized data centers; public, private, and hybrid clouds; and SDN while being both resource-savvy and cost-effective
  • a distributed architecture that can coordinate and centralize the management of dozens of capture devices and can scale to the requirements of the largest organizations
universal data center coverage including clouds, PaaS, and IaaS

Skylight ’s powerful network and application performance monitoring and management (NAPM) features enable organizations to cover every aspect of their IT infrastructure to monitor:

  • traffic between users and multiple data centers (north-south traffic)
  • traffic inside data centers (east-west traffic) including across virtualized and cloud environments
  • traffic to remote sites, such as branch offices with the use of Skylight micro probes, the Skylight flow broker, and the ability to capture network flows directly from existing switches and routers (e.g., NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFix, etc.)