Why Skylight?

Real-Time Transaction Decoding and Analytics Across All Application Chains

Real-Time Application Decoding With Zero Performance Impact

Skylight tracks the conversations of each and every application accessed over the network in real time.

Instead of recording and parsing trace files after the fact in order to analyze application conversations, Skylight automates and executes analyses in real time, as traffic crosses the network.

Skylight computes performance metrics on the fly and stores them in a time-series data store that makes all layer insight instantly available to dashboards, searches, and drill downs.

Whereas these types of operations would otherwise be impossible to perform directly from trace files, Skylight delivers analysis and insight within seconds, with zero impact on network or application performance.

Skylight enables IT professionals to quickly ask and answer queries such as: How did a given SQL query/statement perform over the past 3 weeks? How did a given web page behave over millions of hits per hour?

Skylight performs all of this is automatically—with no software agents to install—at full line rate over the full IT infrastructure.

100% of Application Transactions Covered

Skylight automatically provides transaction performance analytics in real time for hundreds of application and service protocols including:

  • Virtual desktop (VDI) services and Citrix published applications (XenApp, XenDesktop)
  • Web applications and services (HTTP/S)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) / cloud applications
  • SQL databases
  • VoIP calls
  • File transfer and storage
  • Common network services, such as name resolution

New application or service protocols can be defined or catalogued with just a few clicks.