Case Studies

Eovi Mcd Mutuelle

Eovi Mcd Mutuelle is a French mutual insurance company with 1.5 million policyholders and over 20,000 enterprise customers. The result of a merger between Eovi, Mcd, and Myriade, Eovi Mcd Mutuelle has 3,000 users in different headquarter locations as well as 350 remote offices.

Business Issue

As a result of the merger, the company undertook a number of IT migration initiatives aimed at generating economies of scale as well as delivering enhanced application performance. As part of this effort, all data centers from the merging companies were to be integrated into a single, new, virtualized private cloud. To meet timelines while limiting the impact on day-to-day business activities, Eovi Mcd Mutuelle sought a tool that would provide sufficient IT infrastructure visibility, expedite problem resolution, and route support tickets efficiently.

Skylight has lived up to our expectations and the results are very satisfying… We improved user experience, and especially incident management, while radically reducing the mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Mehdi Chaouche, Network Engineering

Solution Benefits

Eovi Mcd Mutuelle, through Skylight™, now has a 360° visibility solution that:

  • Shortens resolution time with significant ROI savings
  • Identifies and pinpoints the problem origin point quickly and easily
  • Troubleshoots network issues
  • Enhances collaboration across IT teams for problem resolution
  • Reduces performance risk specific to technical migrations and change management
  • Lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) as it relates to systems administration and maintenance

Business Value and ROI

Since the solution was deployed, the institution has achieved or surpassed its key business objectives.

ROI Value: Cost savings realized across entire IT infrastructure with data center consolidations and other corporate-wide cost savings initiatives.

  • Streamlined, easy-to-use, and expedited process to identify root cause of a bottleneck, slow down, or degradation. Pinpoints problem origin expediently and efficiently, optimizing staff productivity.
  • Real-time, 360° visibility into network and application performance, which drives shorter resolution times, optimizes productivity, and mitigates cyber-security threats. More time for application rollout, testing, change management, and bandwidth analysis. Less time spent on resource-depleting bottlenecks.
  • Instantaneous transaction analysis helps accelerate fault-handling process throughout the IT infrastructure. For example, analyses of communications between firewalls and Active Directory services enabled the identification of abnormal levels of data exchange while accelerating the resolution of performance slowdowns and reducing MTTR.