Group S is a human resources and management solutions company located in Brussels, Belgium. With over 900 employees at over 25 different locations in Belgium and France, the company offers specific HR services to businesses as well as self-employed workers. These include social security management, insurance, family allowance funds, and a broad range of other human resource-specific services.

Business Issue

Group S has seen considerable growth in the size of its business, and, correspondingly, the breadth and depth of its IT infrastructure since it first deployed Skylight™ nearly eight years ago. Business-critical applications are no longer just used internally but rather are a cornerstone of the day-to-day operations, outreach, and commerce with customers. The growing competitive landscape means degradation in application or network performance has significant impact on Group S’s brand value, customer relationships, and profitability. Application availability and responsiveness are no longer just goals, they are strategic requirements.

Detecting a problem with Skylight is actually much faster than writing an email about the problem to another team!

Solution Benefits

Group S, through Skyllight, now has a 360° visibility and performance monitoring solution that:

  • Offers proactive performance monitoring of the network, applications, and Web services, measuring critical application performance such as end-user experience
  • Shortens resolution time with significant ROI savings
  • Identifies and pinpoints the fault domain (server, network, client, application), and problem points of origin quickly and easily
  • Troubleshoots any bottlenecks or degradations before they negatively impact customer interaction or engagement

Business Value and ROI

Since the Skylight solution was deployed, the company has achieved or surpassed its key business objectives.

ROI Value: one-stop solution that lowers total cost of ownership (TCO), achieves high availability, optimizes productivity, and accelerates resolution times

  • Real-time, 360° visibility into network and application performance, which drives shorter resolution times, optimizes productivity, and ensures 24/7/365 availability of business-critical applications.
  • Complete solution that does not require the following: additional investment, an increased number of servers and modules, additional complexity, and hiring more resources. This translates into lower TCO with accelerated deployment times.
  • Fully robust, highly cost-effective performance monitoring solution offers proactive management, forensic diagnostics and long-term trending, transactional analysis of file storage and transfer flows, and actionable insights into capacity and resource usage.
  • Skylight allows the IT team to collaboratively conduct optimization efforts for  critical applications. These efforts help identify misconfigurations as well as unexpected errors or behaviors. All members of the extended IT team have visibility into these performance issues and can proactively address them before they become end-user support cases or before changes, rollouts, etc. go into effect. This drives optimal business productivity as well as infrastructure cost savings.