Case Studies


Based in South Africa, Splitpoint Solutions is a network services company focusing on the analysis, troubleshooting, and performance management of networking infrastructure and applications. It also provides edge network and WAN optimization solutions. In addition, the company offer analytical services such as network audit and healthchecks, network analysis, and critical problem resolution. Its clients come from a wide cross-section of industries including automotive, financial services (banking, insurance), construction, government, and mining.

Business Issue

With IT systems becoming more complex due to virtualization, a high number of switches, and redundant infrastructure, network sniffers and other types of network analysis tools can no longer help in troubleshooting performance degradations. Splitpoint’s customers expect exemplary network analysis and monitoring services from the company: the ability to quickly troubleshoot network performance issues through a completely holistic view.

Skylight offers more reactivity and shorter resolution times. Our engineers know, at any time, they will have full visibility: history, a baseline of an application’s performance, a helicopter view, and instant access to detailed troubleshooting data.

Brett Airey, Technical Director

Solution Benefits

By implementing the Skylight™ solution, Splitpoint was able to:

  • Shorten resolution times while offering better reactivity to network performance issues
  • Accelerate the diagnosis and repair of performance degradations
  • Gain real-time visibility by proactively monitoring critical systems and applications
  • Expand the scope of services and support to customers, thereby reducing costs while generating new revenue streams

Business Value and ROI

Since the solution was put in place, Splitpoint has achieved or surpassed all business objectives and targets.

In one example, Splitpoint secured a contract with a multinational petrochemical customer by leveraging the Skylight solution. The customer has a complex environment: two major factory sites, a massive Cisco data center infrastructure located over six sites, thousands of servers, and approximately 30,000 users accessing the infrastructure.

Splitpoint moved from troubleshooting services, which offered limited, often too-complex diagnostics, to a more permanent solution consisting of taps, aggregators, and the Skylight solution, which includes virtual appliances.

What started with a one-year contract with the customer has evolved into a long-term, five-year service agreement with a fixed monthly fee. It is a solution that offers the customer 24/7 helpdesk support while allowing Splitpoint to manage the entire infrastructure remotely.