End-User Experience

Detailed Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators

Real User Monitoring (RUM) Dashboard

Skylight™ provides a real user monitoring dashboard with variety of KPIs for end-user experience monitoring, irrespective of the application protocol. With its ability to capture and analyze application and database transactions all along the application chain and across all types of networks, Skylight provides the benefits of real user monitoring (RUM) without the hassle of creating and maintaining user scenarios. Skylight provides real-time KPIs based on actual application usage patterns and individual end-user behaviors.

Real User Monitoring Dashboard

Management Reports

All Skylight sensors data can be exported and distributed as comprehensive, structured reports for management reporting and team meetings. These reports can take the form of customized dashboards and/or exportable PDF files. Skylight sensor can also automatically generate and email recurring reports at regular intervals, keeping key stakeholders aware of performance trends for key network links and business-critical applications.

Management Report Dashboard

Monitoring Dashboards

Status for each application can be displayed in the form of an auto-refreshing monitoring dashboard. This dashboard can easily be integrated with an existing network operations center (NOC) environment, alerting operators when user experience or network performance degrades, or when a strategic network link nears capacity.

In case of a performance degradation, IT team members can directly view a detailed breakdown of the end-user experience across the different application delivery tiers (i.e., client, network, common services, security devices, server, database, application) and instantly understand who is impacted, when, and by which transactions.

End-user experience KPIs are available at the level of each application transaction, enabling IT professionals to build a dashboard for each application that they want to monitor.

Monitoring Dashboard