Network Management

Capacity Planning and Management for Modern IT Operations

Network teams must constantly adjust the design and capacity of IT infrastructure to match the ever-changing requirements of business applications while operating at the lowest cost. To achieve this, network teams require analytics that guide them to the best possible architectural decisions, capacity allocations, and other optimizations.

Skylight™ provides the insight required to optimize network capacity to meet application requirements and respect cost constraints as well as perform infrastructure capacity planning and application capacity planning. This includes:

  • Identifying unique application network patterns, such as capacity requirements per application, bandwidth requirements per user, and the network sizing required for the desired end-user experience
  • Determining trends in network link and application usage, taking into account peak and average demand, and long-term cyclicality, and varying demand over different operating regions
  • Optimizing network usage, including reducing costs by identifying savings opportunities for excess capacity, as well as pinpointing opportunities for optimization by fine-tuning application delivery chains, and eliminating network bottlenecks
  • Planning for optimal capacity and monitoring it as traffic patterns evolve