Network Management

Network Usage Monitoring

In today’s complex IT environments it is important to understand how network infrastructure is used during normal business operations. When there is congestion, it is critical to be able to quickly understand what is creating the congestion in order to isolate and fix it promptly.

Skylight™ provides complete visibility of all traffic traversing the network including remote site traffic, traffic in and out of data centers (north-south traffic), and traffic inside of data centers (east-west traffic).

With Skylight’s support for hundreds of application and network service protocols, IT teams obtain a complete picture of network and application usage trends and their evolution. Skylight enables IT teams to answer questions such as:

  • Which applications are using what amount of bandwidth?
  • Which applications “talk” the most?
  • What is the relational map of network flows?
  • Which users are accessing which servers? And where are those servers located?
  • Which links may be saturated? Which applications and/or flow types are saturating them?  
  • Which new applications and what new traffic is present on the network?
  • What is the evolution of traffic for a given application? What are the network requirements for each application? (e.g., bandwidth per user, time of day, variability) What are the most bandwidth-consuming transactions for a given application?