Audatex reduces MTTR and support costs with Skylight performance monitoring

Business issue

The company engaged Accedian as the existing networking monitoring and troubleshooting tools were not delivering the optimal Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) value that Audatex/AUTO online required. They sought a form of continuous monitoring that offered historical traffic and performance data as well as ex-post analysis insights. They also were seeking 360° visibility from the network layer all the way up to the application layer.

Solution benefits

Audatex/AUTOonline, through Skylight, now has a 360° visibility and performance monitoring solution that:

  • Offers proactive performance monitoring of the network, applications, and Web services
  • Shortens resolution time with significant ROI saving
  • Identifies and pinpoints the problem’s point of origin quickly and easily
  • Troubleshoots network issues
  • Reduces performance risk specific to technical migrations and change management
  • Lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) as it relates to systems administration and maintenance

Business value and ROI

Since the Skylight solution was deployed, the organization has achieved or surpassed its key business objectives.

ROI value: Significantly reduced MTTR across the IT infrastructure, specifically for the network and application layers.

  • Enhances and facilitates collaboration throughout the IT organization, specifically between the application and infrastructure teams
  • Provides continuous statistics on web services, which provides permanent tracking on response times and errors, as well as SOAP requests and responses. Helps accelerate ticket-handling process
  • Real-time, 360° visibility into network and application performance, which drives shorter resolution times, optimizes productivity, and accelerates change, as well as migration management
  • Streamlines and expedites resolution of complex situations; for example, when DNS response times grew from 20ms to 500ms, Skylight performance sensors identified each source of the problem. Traditional network monitoring and tracing tools would have taken days or weeks to uncover the issue; instead, Skylight decreased resolution time down to a matter of hours

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About Audatex

Audatex/AUTO online is a market leader in the automotive industry, providing a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that serves those businesses trading used and damaged vehicles, including financial service providers and fleet operators. Established over 50 years ago and with a presence in over 70 countries, the company’s solutions facilitate the processing of transactions by providing critical vehicle information and services that benefit both buyers and sellers. The company, part of the Solera Group, a global insurance claims processor, has 75,000 customers around the world.

"We clearly have shorter resolution times with Skylight! We get clear facts and answers instantly ... and it helps our network and security teams improve our infrastructure."

Marcus Bienengräber Leader of Data Center Operations, Audatex