Taking Charge of the Cloud

Assuring cloud application performance to the customer edge

Network and application services are increasingly virtualized in the cloud in order to scale quickly to meet changing demands and to improve cost and operational efficiency. Traditional IT monitoring revolved around monitoring network infrastructure and servers, but new tools are needed that provide insight and visibility into how well cloud infrastructure and services are performing for end users.

Traditional performance monitoring no longer fits the bill

The ability to monitor the performance of virtualized networks, cloud infrastructure and applications end-to-end is now a vital function for any service provider. Traditional server monitoring focused on whether a server was up, down, or available and reported memory and CPU usage. Simple. If all of these metrics were in check, than it was assumed that most applications were running accordingly and providing the end user with a good quality of experience.

In the cloud, virtual resources are dynamic and can be autoscaled to meet demand. How to you determine what is the proper level of scaling? This is where the strength of new APM and NPM tools that measure the actual performance of business-critical applications lies. These tools allow you to accurately measure the quality of your customer’s experience.

Managed cloud services as a new revenue stream

As service providers explore new revenue streams, they are adding managed services to their portfolios, and partnering with cloud providers such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to deliver compelling cloud solutions to their customers.

As customers depend on these new managed cloud services, service providers need to ensure that the applications and new cloud-based solutions are performing and meeting the expectations of their customers. Understanding the customer’s quality of experience will become a differentiator in the competitive market created by SD-WAN services. These new services will demand a new type of SLA, incorporating more than just basic network availability and utilization. Measurement and real-time reporting on the quality and availability of the application and service will become the new normal for a reliable product.

SkyLIGHT Manages Performance in the Cloud

SkyLIGHT unifies cloud-to-edge visualization, reporting, monitoring, remote packet capture, inventory, and fault management—with open interfaces to existing network management, analytics, SDN control, and BSS and OSS systems. Using the SkyLIGHT as a cloud-to-edge visibility solution means providers can deliver assured SLAs and take advantage of all that virtualization has to offer, without compromising on performance.

Cloud customers rely on low-latency, consistent data center connectivity for hosted storage, applications, and desktops. Accedian solutions fully assure data center access and interconnect (DCA / DCI), from IT closets to virtual machines and from private to public clouds. Comprehensive, segmented, and end-to-end visibility empowers providers to differentiate their solutions by demonstrating exceptional quality of service, backed by network-wide SLAs.