Meet the next generation of AWS security monitoring

Skylight’s monitoring capabilities provide advanced AWS threat detection

One of the tenets of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is its “shared responsibility model” for AWS security monitoring. This embodies delivering high value solutions that economically offer business value with operational feasibility. It requires doing so collaboratively with AWS to generate alerts for suspicious and malicious behavior that threatens customer data. This is a capability that Accedian is uniquely able to do for AWS with its Skylight platform.

Skylight’s role in the AWS shared responsibility model is to provide ultra-high quality security information that provides value and to share the responsibility of protecting critical business and customer data.

AWS Shared Responsibility Model and Accedian Skylight

Imagine if you could rapidly deploy a lightweight, rule-less software sensor and acquire both real time application performance and security threat detection from the same sensor and platform. This is no longer a utopian ideal. Accedian has made this a reality with its Skylight performance analytics and security solution.

Skylight’s network and application performance monitoring (NAPM) solution uses “SMARTER” data to deliver a combined NetOps and SecOps solution that provides both application and network performance visibility and security threat detection. It features, out of the box investigative and hunting workflows, alert management, and long term forensic quality source data.


  • Scalable and Available
  • Metadata (light weight and low TCO to retain)
  • Application Aware (L2-7)
  • Resolute (1 min reporting, 100% protocol transactions captured)
  • Throughput (10GB capable)
  • Economically viable
  • Rule-less sensor configuration

Skylight machine learning and AI boost AWS security monitoring

With all the current buzz about machine learning and AI, it’s important that the data provided to machine learning and AI is high quality, not just high volume. If high quality data, such as sampled or partial data, isn’t provided, data bias that comprises the analytics will occur – regardless of how many billions of data points are poured into the algorithms.

Skylight offers network intelligence capabilities, which discover and track traditional endpoints, as well as unmanaged IoT, BYOD, contractors and other devices, even as they move across IP addresses. Many of these devices are simply invisible to log or agent based security products, which provide incomplete AWS security monitoring.

Skylight allows AWS security teams to detect and surface threats to and from all these devices and rapidly investigate potential threats. It enables those teams to fulfill the shared responsibility requirements of the AWS shared responsibility model to provide strong protection for your users, applications, and data as well as for other tenants of a shared AWS ecosystem.

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