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Accedian offers versatile, network-embedded instrumentation that enables the extraction and analysis of valuable business data and performance metrics. This enables the monitoring of extranet performance and SLAs, analysis of transaction flows, and meets strict timestamping requirements for regulatory compliance (e.g. MiFID II).

Assuring the performance of some of the world’s largest financial services networks, Accedian’s SkyLIGHT™ platform includes FPGA-based monitoring tools with remote packet capture and sub-microsecond accurate timestamping, integrated into real-time reporting dashboards.

SkyLIGHT helps providers deliver ultra-low latency, near-zero packet loss, and reliable throughput without compromise, detecting microbursts, gaps, and application-layer impairments.

With open integration into existing compliance, analysis, and monitoring platforms, Accedian helps providers assure peak financial performance.