Performance Analytics

Precise network intelligence meets dynamic service analytics

The network is your product. How well do you understand the customer experience?

Not very well if 40% of customers churn because of quality issues, even though the network appears all ‘green’ with stats reporting stable, reliable performance.

This is a common scenario for communications service providers (CSPs), the majority of which rely on fragmented and static tools and processes for network and application monitoring. Current tools and systems fail to understand the customer experience, because they work in silos, frequently covering only a segment of the network, and completely miss visibility into the service and application layer.

Extract business value from billions of performance data points

Skylight reveals invisible issues that degrade the user experience. It does this using the power of machine learning and analytics applied to performance KPIs and other network data to provide deep insight into network behavior and the service experience of customers.

With Skylight, you can drive operational performance and business results. There is untapped value in the performance data generated by your network, services and applications. Hidden in this data is the fuel you need to run your business, optimize your operations and generate revenue.   

  • Analyze, monitor and search through any kind of performance management telemetry data in real time to prevent and predict issues before they impact customer experience.
  • Ingest, enrich, and correlate data from multiple sources using the Skylight analytics cloud platform to uncover ‘invisible’ network issues and identify the root cause of service problems.
  • Investigate and explore any ‘data source’ at the point of query (when the user needs it), rather than data ingest (when you get the data), which delivers flexibility and dramatically reduces costs in terms of storage.