Introducing SkyLIGHT DataHUB IQ

A single view of service performance – across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures – keeps network and IT operations teams in sync and proactive in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Over 30% of customer churn is due to network issues that were not identified or could not be solved. And it’s 50 times more expensive for service providers to win a new customer than to keep an existing one happy.

With complex networks, it’s getting harder to get insight quickly to solve problems. How about stopping application and network problems in their tracks, before your customers notice?

The Accedian SkyLIGHT solution generates billions of unique performance measurements per day, providing excellent visibility into your network, service and application performance.

SkyLIGHT DataHUB IQ, powered by big data analytics and machine learning, filters those billions of data points down into valuable insights that you can take action on.

  • Data streaming and capacity

    Uses power of Apache Druid and Apache Spark to handle petabytes of data.

  • Any type of data ingress

    SkyLIGHT performance management KPIs, SNMP and CSV / XML / JSON files, streaming telemetry data using gRPC, and other similar data formats and protocols.

  • Correlation & contextual metadata

    Performance data can be correlated with data from other systems e.g. inventory, topology, vendor etc.

  • Machine learning

    Dynamically baseline performance data, detect anomalies, detect patterns, correlate performance data and metadata and provide a view of service performance.

  • Reporting & Visualization

    Drag-and-drop report dashboards, custom formats and ad-hoc data exploration and analysis.

  • Multivendor & Open

    Open and documented RESTful and JSON to and from third-party systems e.g. OSS, orchestrators etc.

  • Cloud-native, micro-services architecture

    Runs on Linux/x86/Docker

  • Multi-tenant platform

    Logical instances on shared physical software installation

  • Flexible deployment

    SaaS in public or private cloud

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  • Deep multilayer visibility into end-to-end service performance

    DataHUB IQ uncovers the underlying problem to see the ‘invisible’ cause of service performance issues using advanced machine learning and by correlating performance management KPIs together with other metadata sources (e.g., network topology).

  • Contextual real-time insight to enable closed loop automation

    DataHUB IQ automatically cleans and removes "suspect data" to ensure highly accurate reporting and valuable insight that enables automation of network management and service assurance.

  • Consolidate multiple reporting tools into a single unified analytics platform

    DataHUB IQ makes it easy to digest third-party data sources and acts as a one-stop-resource for network and service performance intelligence.

DataHUB IQ is a new addition to the SkyLIGHT virtualized performance management solution, built from the ground up with one mission:

“Provide contextual insight on how the network is behaving, how customers are experiencing services, and where and how to address performance issues.”

Use Cases

"We believe that we need to have tools that can correlate layer by layer so we can visually see the service layer and network layers. Now our tools are not correlated, we have Network Management Systems (NMS) from different vendors. If we need to troubleshoot, we have to manually do that in a single vendor NMS, if we can get a more unified performance visibility layer, that would really help."

Tier 1 Asia/Pacific national service provider

“For SD-WAN right now we are pulling stats off WAN devices and putting them into a customer portal but these traditional polling systems will have huge scaling issues with distributed virtualized networks. We are looking at event-based systems and streams that push ‘any type’ of relevant data and insight from network systems into customer self-care portals and other troubleshooting systems as being the way forward.”

Tier 1 European business service provider

Closed Loop Automation

With the move to software-defined networks and increasingly cloud-native network functions, there is a pressing need for new analytics-based monitoring software that can provide multilayer insight on service availability and performance – in real time and in context.

SkyLIGHT DataHUB IQ streams data in real time to monitor how well services are performing, and whether it is time to make changes or adjust policies.

  • Easily integrates with any SDN or orchestration workflow that can react in real time to events as they happen in the network.

  • Enables closed loop automation capabilities with granular network and service visibility. Events can be processed in real time to increase the collection granularity and frequency of KPIs, or initiate the collection of other KPIs to improve the ability to correlate and do root cause analysis.

  • Uses machine learning to identify patterns and anomalies and recommend fault fixes that with human training can then become automated fixes.

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"A key point for closed loop automation is that we are able to trust the data in real time and can handle fast transactions. We need the right data in the right format from the VNF – we don't want vendor-specific data – the data has to be ingested in a standardized way. At a high level we need fulfillment validation and assurance that the service is working."

Tier 1 North American service provider

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