The Complete Application and Network Performance Management Solution

Skylight provides uniquely powerful network traffic and application transaction monitoring capabilities that enable IT professionals to track, visualize, and manage network and application performance in real time.


Performance Troubleshooting

Prompt diagnosis and resolution of performance degradations is a major challenge for IT departments, due to the increased complexity of application chains, the number of interconnected devices, the variety of potential uses, the pace of technological change, and the increasing scale and cloudification of IT infrastructure.

Network Management

Managing network infrastructure is an ongoing challenge for organizations of every size. There are a number of technology trends that have made network management more critical and more complex to implement: the distribution of users across multiple locations; the mixing of centralized data center resources with decentralized services; an increasing number of applications, many of them being outside of IT’s control (e.g., SaaS); virtualization, cloud and software-defined network (SDN) technologies; as well as ongoing security challenges such as shadow IT and new viral threats.

End User Experience

While not easy to do, monitoring the experience of users accessing hundreds or thousands of applications (hosted internally, in private clouds, SaaS, or internet websites) has become critical to ensuring business productivity.