How it Works

Skylight Overview

Skylight™ is the network performance and application performance management (NAPM) solution that combines advanced network flow monitoring, real-time application transaction capture, and end-user experience tracking in a single virtual or hardware-based appliance.

Skylight offers wide-angle, granular, and scalable wire data performance analysis with:

  • Zero configuration required
  • 100% of network flows (Layers 2 to 7) and application transactions captured and analyzed in real-time
  • Over 10 Gbps full decode speed with 40 Gbps interface support
  • No software agents to deploy on any server or client

Skylight is a fully passive, production-safe network and application performance management solution that can be up and running in minutes. Fully autonomous, Skylight features advanced auto-detection of hundreds of application and service protocols. New application or service protocols can be defined or cataloged with a few clicks.

Capture analytics

Skylight sensors monitor the complete range of network flows and application transactions, measuring network usage, application performance, and end-user experience, across server hardware, virtualized systems, clouds, and software-defined networks.

Skylight provides universal data center coverage: physical or virtual; private, public, or hybrid cloud.

Automation and real-time analysis

Skylight decodes and analyzes all incoming traffic at full wire-speed. All network flows and application transactions are identified, tagged, and catalogued—and performance indicators computed—in real-time for Layers 2 through 7.

Skylight sensors generate critical network and application metrics, providing unmatched IT infrastructure and application performance awareness from a single appliance.

Metric computation (hundreds of metrics)

Skylight capture appliances—physical or virtual—measure and catalog all traffic that traverses their interfaces.

For each network flow that is captured, an extensive range of information is provided from the network layer (Layer 2) up to the application layer (Layer 7).

Drill down

Each screen in the Skylight web console enables users to intuitively browse to a more detailed view with a single mouse click on a graph or a tabulated metric.

Filters are automatically saved from one view to another to make navigation simple.

Historical view

Network and application performance data can be preserved for up to two years, particularly useful for identifying usage trends that might not be discernible within shorter periods of time, or for supporting decision making and project design activities.

Skylight makes proactive capacity planning for dynamic network environments a simple task. Whether for bandwidth requirements or application response times, IT professionals can know in advance when network infrastructure will reach its maximum capacity.