How it Works

Network and Application Performance Monitoring

Performance Metrics at Full Wire Speed

Skylight identifies, classifies, and measures all network flows and all application transactions in real time. Every detail of every application session is analyzed—at over 10 Gbps per capture appliance with support for 40 Gbps links—with zero impact on production traffic. Skylight continuously measures network health, application response times, and transaction details.

Diagnosis of end-user complaints can be performed without any manual packet analysis. An intuitive interface reduces drill-down from business level views to detailed network, TCP transport and application levels within a few clicks. Having both network and application performance metrics available in a single solution and interface significantly accelerates application and network performance diagnostics.

Current performance issues can be compared to historical data on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to accelerate troubleshooting and resolution. Historical data can be retained for up to two years to help in identifying long-term usage trends.

Retention of long-term statistical analysis typically requires terabytes of storage. This data must be retained over extended periods of time to expose overall trends. To minimize storage requirements while still making it possible to reveal trends over weeks, months, or even years, Skylight summarizes historical data automatically using an efficient, aggregation process. The result is complete look back details in a fraction of the space consumed by stream-to-disk systems.

Whenever Skylight displays a chart or a table, it calls upon data that has already been aggregated. To display the requested information, Skylight first determines the required level of aggregation granularity to use, depending upon both the length of the reporting period requested and how far back the available data goes. The result is answers in seconds, where other solutions take minutes, hours, or days to return results.

Wire data is analyzed at microsecond intervals when computing performance metrics. This offers exceptional accuracy, providing the ability to detect short term degradations that would otherwise remain undetected. Performance metrics and detailed transactions are losslessly relayed to the datastore every 60 seconds.

Up to Two Years’ History at the Click of a Mouse

Skylight offers three levels of granularity to deliver extensive, in-depth network and application performance history:

  • 1-minute intervals, for up to 1 month of in-depth history
  • 1-hour intervals, for up to 100 days of medium-term analysis
  • 1-day intervals, for up to 2 years of long-term history

Once a given level of granularity has reached capacity, the oldest data is automatically moved to the next level in a process that is completely transparent for the end-user.