Solution Components

Skylight Application Performance Analysis Capabilities

100% of Application and Database Transactions Measured in Real-Time

Skylight tracks all transactions and calculates performance metrics for each application running over the network. Skylight displays the performance for every application flow and offers the ability to refine searches using a large variety of filters: by application, by client and/or server IP addresses, by protocol stack, and by network flows or zones, among others.

Skylight displays reports and visualizes all analyzed wire data in interactive tables and graphs without requiring any configuration.

Skylight comes with advanced Port Independent Protocol Identification (PIPI) capabilities as well as hundreds of preconfigured applications and services, making it fully autonomous. New application or service protocols can be defined or catalogued with a few clicks.

Network Performance

Skylight appliances capture all traffic on their interfaces, whether IPv4, IPv6, or non-IP flows. Every network flow is analyzed, and a comprehensive range of TCP transport metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are calculated to report the detailed health of network communications.

Skylight displays performance data through a variety of dashboards. Graphics, tables, and matrices make each piece of information easy to access, enabling IT professionals to instantly identify the most important performance values throughout the network infrastructure and the application chain. With contextual click-through, fault domains are easily identified by drilling through to related application and protocol views.

Name Services

Skylight analyzes name resolution transactions for most common network protocols: DNS, NetBIOS, WINS, mDNS, etc. This enables IT professionals to identify a variety of performance issues perceived by end-users, such as configuration problems on the DNS server or on the client or application sides.


Skylight features a dedicated module for measuring and analyzing the performance of web applications using either HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

In addition to measuring individual hit rates and response times, Skylight also reports complete page load timelines. Skylight can retain both HTTP requests and their responses for in-depth analysis. The number and typology of HTTP errors are captured to simplify troubleshooting application performance. Skylight also features an SSL decryption module that allows it to decode secured HTTPS transactions—for complete visibility over every web transaction—and their performance attributes.

SQL Databases

Skylight analyzes database performance from a purely passive perspective, with no need to deploy a software agent or to change server configuration parameters. Skylight automatically identifies and captures SQL transactions from the most popular databases, measuring their performance and displaying relevant information for diagnostic purposes. These include response times, the presence of errors, the actual SQL queries, and a number of other metrics. The full details of each SQL database request are available in Skylight with the click of a mouse.

File Transfers – CIFS/SMB

Network users and applications are constantly transferring large numbers of files. Any issue or slowdown with file transfers will typically result in a lot of user complaints. With Skylight, IT professionals gain full visibility on which user is accessing which resource, and at what level of performance. Skylight supports CIFS and SMB (v1 to v3) protocols for file transfer analysis, including all command metrics, statuses, and details.

Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop

Identifying the cause of a Citrix performance issue can present a real challenge because there are so many different components and servers involved, with multiple dependencies amongst them.

Skylight brings unmatched visibility into Citrix login and launch times, network usage, and application activity. Thanks to the detailed insights provided at each network layer and for every application tier, IT professionals can diagnose and solve Citrix performance issues with a few clicks. User experience KPIs cover login responsiveness, time to launch applications, and network and server resource consumption.


Skylight measures the Quality of Service (QoS) of VoIP call flows, with support for the following VoIP protocols: SIP, Cisco Skinny, and MGCP. For each VoIP call, Skylight records the conversation details, the parties involved, and the call duration. It also measures the call quality by reporting the Mean Opinion Score (MOS), along with network impairments that affect it, such as jitter, latency, and loss.

ICMP Analysis

In addition to performance measurements, Skylight also displays all network flows that are in an error state. Skylight can successfully identify any device that is trying to reach a non-existent network device or that is not responding to a requested service. This can be particularly helpful in identifying devices that are using an outdated or incorrect configuration.