Introducing SkyLIGHT DataHUB IQ Service Analytics Platform

DataHUB IQ is a cutting-edge service analytics platform for performance troubleshooting, QoE reporting, and on-demand cloud service assurance at network scale.

It does all this using big data analytics and machine learning to gain contextual insight into performance issues.

Service performance analytics is rapidly becoming a must-have for our customers, whose main problem is network data overload and trying to manage real-time customer experience.

SkyLIGHT™, our virtualized network and application performance management solution, can easily generate billions of data points per day. It’s valuable performance visibility data, but the volume is too much data for network teams to handle. How can our customers turn those billions of data points into insight they can use to make their network better?

DataHUB IQ—built from the ground up by a team of experienced software developers—uses the best cloud, open source and machine learning software to handle growing volumes of network traffic and uncover ‘invisible’ issues that cause service degradation and impact customers.  

Until now, solving such problems involved engineers using several different tools, eventually pouring over Excel pivot tables for weeks at a time, and getting lucky if they noticed something meaningful. Instead, DataHUB IQ’s computing power, analytics and machine learning software do this grunt work to baseline performance, detect patterns and anomalies, and proactively alert and guide on how and where to resolve service issues. Issues that previously took days (or longer) to detect can now be found within minutes.

As a service analytics platform, DataHUB IQ’s core value is its real-time, proactive approach to getting a grip on issues that impact the customer experience. It quickly answers questions like:

  • Is my network and service quality improving or getting worse?
  • I have problems with a backhaul link and that’s impacting customers; how can I find out what’s causing the latency and packet loss?
  • How can I easily generate a report looking at my Top 10 high-value customers that are experiencing packet loss, and how can I fix those issues?

DataHUB IQ service analytics: manage performance at big data scale

For existing SkyLIGHT customers, DataHUB IQ is especially powerful because of its ability to reduce troubleshooting time and effort, significantly cut mean time to repair (MTTR), and easily create and customize dashboards and reports for business stakeholders and self-care customer portals.

Consider the efficiency impact DataHUB IQ has on a mobile operator monitoring performance of over 75,000 eNodeBs to ensure the quality of high-stakes services like voiceover LTE (VoLTE). ‘Daily’ performance reports of this type can easily take 20 hours or more to run. But with DataHUB IQ,a similar dashboard can be generated in less than 10 seconds.

Or, consider an operator that generates more than 1 trillion data points in a few months, monitoring their mobile backhaul network. With DataHUBIQ as the service analytics platform, that data could be put to work right away, pointing out ways to improve network and service performance, proactively identifying recurring problems, and predicting where issues are likely to occur.

Cost savings is the foundational business case forDataHUB IQ: fewer human resources are needed to predict and resolve service issues, and inefficient legacy tools can be relied on less. The flip side of this is all about revenue: improved customer experience, less churn, and confidently launching new software-defined network services.

Using RESTful APIs, the DataHUB IQ service analytics platform can take in data from any vendor’s equipment; it makes possible a truly multi-vendor view of network and service performance. This also helps service providers manage vendor accountability for performance of their network equipment.

To find the root cause of service issues, DataHUB IQ users can dig deeper with more sophisticated performance tests—by, for example, increasing KPI granularity or enriching performance data with contextual metadata from routers, mobile backhaul infrastructure, or eNodeB vendor equipment.

Take service analytics to a new level with on-demand cloud network and service assurance

As service providers move to software defined and cloud-native networks, DataHUBIQ supports real-time closed loop automation for software-defined services provisioned on demand, where policies need to be adjusted based on application performance in real time.

We are now running a DataHUB IQ proof-of-concept with Colt, using the power of granular active test data to understand the current state of service performance as well as sending events to the orchestrator for self-healing. DataHUB IQ is leveraging current and historical performance data and machine learning to adjust service parameters in a closed loop. Further trials are underway with other service providers.