Skylight Performance Assurance

Integrated service performance insights for exceptional customer experience

Skylight helps service providers to proactively ensure networks meet increasingly stringent performance requirements, to differentiate their services with high quality of experience, and to optimize network capacity.

Skylight is a fully-virtualized performance assurance platform, delivering end-to-end network, application and service performance visibility— critical insights needed to gain complete control of the customer experience.

A nervous system for networks, Skylight streams high quality performance management data to analytics and machine learning solutions, as well as reporting and orchestration systems, providing full visibility of any issues that may impact customers.

Skylight Overview

Real-time and exceptionally precise, Skylight’s unrivalled granularity can detect minute changes in network and service behavior, and rapidly isolate the root cause of any issues.

Using the power of Skylight performance analytics, operations teams can pinpoint and visualize significant issues as they start to emerge, and before they impact customers.

Skylight performance analytics is powered by big data and enriched with machine learning to filter millions of data points down into valuable insights that you can take action on. Machine learning and AI algorithms dynamically baseline and determine anomalies, and correlate performance measurements and metadata to rapidly generate insight and recommended actions.

Skylight is used by the world’s largest mobile, enterprise, and carrier networks to monitor millions of services, and is highly valued for the quality, granularity and diversity of performance measurements that can be streamed to network orchestrators and big data platforms, in real time.

Skylight Components Provide a Single View of Service and Network Performance

Skylight is the only standards based integrated multi-layer solution that assures the full-service lifecycle. from network assessment, service validation, active and passive monitoring, to service optimization and closed-loop analytics in a single system.

Combined, these components provide the flexibility and interoperability service providers need to measure application and service quality of experience across physical, virtual, hybrid and cloud-native networks.

Skylight Components

Performance sensor: control

This virtualized active testing and monitoring sessions generator can be deployed in minutes to monitor performance at a granularity aligned with the service being delivered. With the combination of central control and distributed test traffic generation, services are verified directly between service endpoints to accurately simulate the actual customer experience. Accedian’s performance modules are managed and controlled by Skylight sensors, which provides the NFV compute and control for active test sessions. Skylight sensors can also act alone without modules to actuate and reflect active test sessions in a software-only session.

Performance sensors: on-premises and cloud

On-premises and cloud sensors adds passive capture at layers 4-7 to the Skylight portfolio. These capture points can parse all network traffic, but are most efficiently used to only store and transmit key metadata to a central repository. This provides a compact, scalable and fully virtualized method of capturing the quality of experience for the user at the application layer.

Skylight orchestrator

This centralized tool is used to discover, configure, and receive active performance monitoring data. A single API can be used for all active monitoring, via a mediation/abstraction layer to the devices and software in the network. The orchestrator controls the entire Skylight portfolio, either using its own user interface or RESTful APIs. It is easy to set up new tests and monitor existing tests using Director.

Skylight analytics

Skylight analytics collects and combines data to provide a complete view of the customer experience. This platform can feed events and data (raw or aggregated/customer correlated) into network controllers, orchestrators, and service operations centers (SOCs). These systems can use this insight to either perform closed loop actions directly on the network or to increase the level of testing/granularity to get an even more precise view of performance and the customer experience.

Solution Coverage

Skylight is the only integrated solution that assures the full service lifecycle. From network assessment, to service validation, monitoring, and optimization, Accedian helps service providers and enterprises deliver exceptional quality of service, every step of the way.

  • Standards-based monitoring forms a ubiquitous instrumentation layer, bringing performance awareness to all layers and locations, physical and virtual.
  • Issues and trends can be easily isolated to prescribe corrective action, ensuring the least impact to users.
  • Open integration means this complete coverage—and the insight it delivers—enables predictive analytics, root cause correlation, and tomorrow’s intelligent networks.

Why Accedian

Accedian virtualized its solutions in step with the rise of cloud compute. Having migrated from the physical to virtual, Accedian draws on the strength of each to deliver completely new forms of visibility.

Skylight virtualized instrumentation uniquely preserves the hallmark accuracy and granularity of Accedian hardware solutions, with innovation that elevates commercial servers to precision test instruments.

Using virtualization as a base, lightweight hardware can be strategically deployed to augment coverage where servers are unavailable, or insufficient.

Only Accedian offers microsecond precision, patented 1-way measurements, real-time granularity, remote packet capture, and exceptional scalability in a single, unified platform.

With solutions, support and services that span the globe, Accedian is a trusted advisor, and partner, helping enterprises and service providers run exceptional networks, and achieve a differentiated quality of experience.