Introducing Skylight Performance Analytics

A single view of service performance – across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures – keeps network and IT operations teams in sync and proactive in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Over 30% of customer churn is due to network issues that were not identified or could not be solved. And it’s 50 times more expensive for service providers to win a new customer than to keep an existing one happy.

With complex networks, it’s getting harder to get insight quickly to solve problems. How about stopping application and network problems in their tracks, before your customers notice?

Skylight generates billions of unique performance measurements per day, providing excellent visibility into your network, service and application performance.

Skylight analytics, powered by big data and machine learning, filters those billions of data points down into valuable insights that you can take action on.

How it Works

  • Data streaming and capacity

    Uses power of Apache Druid and Apache Spark to handle petabytes of data.

  • Any type of data ingress

    Skylight performance management KPIs, SNMP and CSV / XML / JSON files, streaming telemetry data using gRPC, and other similar data formats and protocols.

  • Correlation & contextual metadata

    Performance data can be correlated with data from other systems e.g. inventory, topology, vendor etc.

  • Machine learning

    Dynamically baseline performance data, detect anomalies, detect patterns, correlate performance data and metadata and provide a view of service performance.

  • Reporting & Visualization

    Drag-and-drop report dashboards, custom formats and ad-hoc data exploration and analysis.

  • Multivendor & Open

    Open and documented RESTful and JSON to and from third-party systems e.g. OSS, orchestrators etc.

  • Cloud-native, micro-services architecture

    Runs on Linux/x86/Docker

  • Multi-tenant platform

    Logical instances on shared physical software installation

  • Flexible deployment

    SaaS in public or private cloud

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Use Cases

Closed Loop Automation

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