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The industry’s first fully-virtualized (software-based) performance assurance platform, delivering network-wide visibility to service providers and enterprises—insight to gain complete control and provide the best possible user experience. A nervous system for networks, SkyLIGHT streams actionable intelligence to big data analytics, reporting, and control systems—essential to achieving peak performance in complex, large scale networks.


Here is real innovation that demonstrates clear market traction, many reasons for operators to embrace it, and clearly highlights both what is new, and how it is impactful. NFV is nascent, and tools for monitoring and managing it are even more so. The vision and execution here are commendable. A bit lower in some areas only due to the needed learning curve and implementation challenges in a new field (NFV), but otherwise this is exactly what ALL applications to this contest would ideally look like!!!

Judge 1

Fierce Innovation Awards 2016

Accedian’s focus on monitoring and assurance of effective QoS in the increasingly complex network world is unique. Enabling carriers to make smart, proactive, real-time decisions on network utilization provides a clear ROI for its customers. The innovations and proven deployments put Accedian in a strong position as carriers continue making NFV architecture decisions.

Judge 2

Fierce Innovation Awards 2016